Union Public Service Commission is a body that conducts civil services examinations to select eligible candidates for various administrative posts in the country; by doing so it plays a prominent role in the working of the nation. The reason behind UPSC CSE being one of the toughest exams is that a person getting recruited on an administrative post through UPSC is required to work closely with the central and state governments in maintaining law and order in the country.


The stages of the civil services examinations are designed in a way that assesses an aspirant’s level of knowledge in diverse matters. Therefore, a candidate has to read various subjects and develop a thorough knowledge in all to be able to pass the different levels of the exam. According to aspirants of the civil services examination, of all the different steps, essay writing is one of the most nerve-racking steps of the examination process. Just by understanding the proper layout of the essay, one cannot guarantee an impactful essay.


To be able to compose an essay that not only fetches a reasonable score but also leaves an impression on the mind of the examiner, one requires a fitting frame of mind, understanding of the subject matter, understanding of the format, thoroughness in the language and a sound ability to articulate their opinions through words. Besides all this one also needs smartness while picking the topics to write on. In this article, we will learn some tips on how to write an essay in UPSC that brings you a step closer to the dream job. Therefore, make sure you go through the tips mentioned in the article attentively and start following them from now.

All About The Essay Writing In UPSC CSE

Before we move on to learning the tips, let’s first gather important information about the essay writing stage in the civil services examination through the points mentioned below.


      The essay writing stage happens when you appear for the UPSC CSE mains.

      You have to write two essays of nearly 1000 to 1200 words each within the time limit of 3 hours.

      The easy paper is divided into two sections, each section has 4 topics out of which one has to choose one topic to write the essay.

      Each essay will be 125 marks out of a total score of 250 marks.

Necessary Tips On How To Write Essay In UPSC CSE

Go through the tips presented below and follow them while attempting the essay in the upcoming UPSC examination.


      Firstly, choose a topic that you have adequate knowledge about to write an informed essay.

      Make sure you have an understanding of the basic structure of an essay.

      After deciding the topic to write the essay on, understand the central idea of the topic, brainstorm around it and then plan its outline.

      Each paragraph should be assigned an adequate tone. Through the first paragraph, set the narrative followed by a body that supports the narrative and finally the last paragraph that concludes the case.

      Underline using a pen or pencil the important words and phrases in the essay to catch the attention.

      Have a collection of excellent words, idioms and phrases to add to the essay where ever required. Be reasonable while doing it and make sure they convey the right meaning.

      Look at the topics in previous year papers and practice on them to maintain pace and precision during the exam.


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