Check if a Linked List is Palindrome or not Using Java...

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 What is Palindrome Number ??

Simple Definition of Palindrome Number is  if(number == reverse number) if this Condition is True Then We Called Number is Palindrome Number. 

Example of Palindrome Number : 123321 ,1221

Now this is The Program By Using That You Can Check Wheather Linked List is Palindrome or Not???? 

For Checking Link List is Palindrome or Not , First Divid into two Parts is Count of Number is Even then Division is (Number.length())/2 and if Number is Odd Then Division  is (Number.length()+1)/2 .then Compare Two Array , One is 0 to Division Value and Second is Division Value to Total length of Number.

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Which Type of Problem will Solve By Using This Method:

Reverse String

Reverse Number 

Check Number is Palindrome or Not 

Check String is Palindrome or Not

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